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A Unique Multi-Asset Private Markets Solutions Provider

P10 is a niche-oriented private markets investment firm located in Dallas, Texas. The firm believes the combination of RCP Advisors, TrueBridge Capital Partners, Five Points Capital, and Enhanced Capital creates the best-in-class franchise in private equity, venture capital, private credit, and impact investing, offering a comprehensive suite of niche-oriented, market leading private markets products and services to its underlying fund sponsors and limited partners around the globe. 

Partnerships. Process. Performance.

Adding Value

P10 is well positioned to continue raising and deploying capital at exceptional risk adjusted returns on behalf of its investors. The firm is focused on long-term value creation in opportunities where it sees significant potential for sustainable profit growth and where it believes superior returns can be generated for its limited partners, which, over time, should generate value for P10 Holdings shareholders. P10 has an ongoing commitment to expanding its capabilities and investment products in niche-oriented, private market strategies where relationships, data, and market intelligence (as opposed to scale) are crucial to successful investing. 

P10 Holdings stock trades on the OTC Pink Market, which is operated by OTC Markets Group, a centralized electronic quotation service for over-the-counter securities. P10 stock trades under the symbol “PIOE.”​


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Restrictions on Ownership of 5% or more of P10 Holdings Stock

For information relating to restrictions on ownership of 5% or more of the common stock of P10 Holdings, please click here.

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